Monday, August 15, 2011

San Mig Resthouse in San Miguel, Bulacan

San Mig Resthouse is a small private resort that is located in San Miguel Bulacan. This resort is ok for a small family gathering or reunion as well as a relaxing place for couples or traveler going to the north of Luzon, Nueva Ecija particularly.

The information on their Facebook Page on how to go there, is listed below:

ES BUS TRANSIT (going to Cabanatuan)
Baliwag Transit (going to Cabanatuan)

Drop off point: Saint Paul University San Miguel Bulacan

Bus: 200.00 back and forth
tricycle: 30.00

*ask tricycle driver to drop you off at San Miguel Resthouse, Guillerma Village.


STEP 2 – Just go straight all throughout the trip until you reach Baliuag – San Rafael (right after 8 Waves Resort / Baliwag Transit bus terminal), take the left-most lane.

STEP 3 – Once you see a welcome arc (the most visible arc there is in the highway) that has our town’s partron saint (SAN MIGUEL) on it, you’re just 15 minutes or less away.

STEP 4 – When you see an IGLESIA NI CRISTO to your left, you are just 10 minutes or less away. look out for the road separating the hi-way to the innermost part of the town. You will also see ST. PAUL COLLEGE to your right side. Take the right-most part of the road leading to the town proper.

STEP 5 – Make a turn to the second street on your left (after JO-GI’s CHICHARON) to get in the village.

STEP 6 - Make a turn to the first street on your left.

San Mig Resthouse - Official Website

Other Link/Url:

San Mig Resthouse - Facebook Page
(click on the photo)

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